Motion Capture

Motion Capture Demo!
Wednesday, February 26
11:00 to 2:00
University Theater

Motion capture is a powerful technology that is transforming the film, television, video game, and animation industries. It is also of increasing importance in the fields of engineering, robotics, biological sciences, kinesiology, athletics, and simulation design.

Motion capture allows human movement performed in almost any space to be mapped onto 3D models of characters or identities created by other artists or scientists. In the entertainment industry, motion capture opens up major opportunities for actors and dancers, while people seeking to become directors, producers, designers, or animators gain a competitive advantage if they understand how to use this technology and develop imaginative uses for it.

Representatives from Phasespace, a motion capture studio in San Leandro, will offer a demonstration of motion capture technology, show how to map movements made during the demo onto models and in relation to different environments for the movements. During the demo, students will be able to perform movements, map movements, apply different models and environments, and render their choices.  This technology, which is not difficult to use, changes the way you think about movement, dynamic imagery, storytelling, performance, and digital modes of communication. 

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