Ahmed Banafa

Ahmed Banafa Portrait

Lecturer, General Engineering (Photo by: David Schmitz/San José State University)

Ahmed Banafa is a lecturer in general engineering at the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. He has extensive experience in research, operations, and management, with a focus on the Internet of things, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. He was named as No.1 tech voice to follow by LinkedIn in 2016 and featured in Forbes, IEEE and MIT Technology Review. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from King Abdulaziz University and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University. He’s working on a doctoral degree from Lehigh University in signal processing and a post-graduate degree in cybersecurity techniques from Harvard University. He also holds a certificate in business management from Carbon County College.
Phone: 408-924-3115
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Technology, Bitcoin, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

Vishnu Pendyala

Vishnu Pendyala

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Data Science, College of Professional and Global Education. (Photo by Jim Gensheimer/San José State University)

Vishnu Pendyala is an assistant professor in the Department of Applied Data Science at the College of Professional and Global Education and was an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) distinguished speaker. He teaches and conducts research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. He has more than two decades of experience in the software industry in Silicon Valley. He holds an MBA in finance from Osmania University, India and a doctoral degree in computer engineering from Santa Clara University.

Phone: 408-924-2729
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science