David Parent

David Parent Portrait

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering (Photo by: David Schmitz/San José State University)

David Parent is a professor of electrical engineering at the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. He teaches courses in circuits and systems. His research focuses on materials that allow electrical and biological systems to communicate with each other and student success in STEM. He also specializes in creating engineering courses that address social and global issues. He holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Phone: 408-924-3963
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Governance, Education, Electrical engineering, Engineering, Technology

Étienne Brown

Étienne Brown

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy (Photo by: Robert C. Bain/San José State University)

Étienne Brown is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy, where he teaches the ethics of technology. His work focuses on the regulation of speech on social media, and he has published several essays in academic journals on the relationship between misinformation, fake news, internet trolling, hate speech and freedom of expression. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from the University of Ottawa, a master’s degree in philosophy from the same university and a doctoral degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne.

Phone: 408-924-4219
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Ethics, Social Media, Technology