Spartan Racing Wins Big, Introducing the Newest Student Club, Apple Intelligence, New Opportunities, and more!

Spartan Racing

Spartan Racing Team
Watch the Formula SAE EV – Design Review and Awards Ceremony!

Spartan Racing’s recent journey to the FSAE competition in Jackson, Michigan, was marked by a series of significant achievements and smooth progress. The team arrived early at the track, quickly moving through the mechanical, accumulator, charging system inspections, and the E-Tech inspection, where they were the first team to qualify. Their success continued as they were also the first to get through the rain test and completed the brake test on the first attempt. These early achievements set the stage for their participation in dynamic events, where they made it to the design finals and secured strong finishes, including 1st for the Cummins Innovation Award, 2nd for the Cost Report, 3rd in endurance, and 5th overall.


Join OSTEM flyerIn honor of Pride Month, we are thrilled to introduce Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM), a new and vibrant club dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals within the STEM fields at our university. As the largest chapter-based organization of its kind, oSTEM boasts more than 100 student chapters across colleges and universities, as well as professional chapters in cities around the globe. This fall semester, oSTEM brings its mission to our campus, aiming to create a supportive space where LGBTQ+ students can thrive and celebrate their unique contributions to STEM.

Leading the charge are three passionate individuals: Jasmine Phan, the president, an undergraduate majoring in computer science. Jasmine is dedicated to using their leadership skills to create a welcoming community for all members. Misa Church, the club’s Treasurer, is an undergraduate majoring in aerospace engineering with a minor in green engineering. Their keen organizational skills and financial acumen are crucial for the club’s success. Dr. Brianne Gutmann, the faculty advisor, specializes in physics education research. Her expertise and guidance are invaluable in steering the club towards its goals.

oSTEM plans a variety of events designed to support and encourage its members, including community building/social events, professional workshops on resume building and interviewing, activism initiatives, study sessions, navigating academia as LGBTQ+, insights from speakers and alumni, field trips (job sites, museums, amusement parks, etc), and much more.

The leaders of oSTEM are deeply motivated by their personal experiences as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. They have witnessed firsthand the lack of representation and support in STEM fields and are committed to advocating for a more inclusive environment– an environment where peers can interact and deepen their connection with other students without societal fear. OSTEM hopes to build a more empathetic and understanding community through open dialogue and not just being aware, but actually understanding the challenges coming from the invalidation of different lived experiences in the community.

The club hopes to collaborate with all other campus clubs because diverse interactions can enrich the learning experience for everyone. While the SJSU PRIDE Center offers significant support, oSTEM feels that more specific resources from STEM departments and faculty would greatly benefit their mission. Financial support, DEI-focused initiatives, and progressive classroom ideologies are among the improvements they hope to see.

To stay updated and get involved with oSTEM, check out their Linktree. Fill out the General Interest Survey Form, follow their Instagram (@ostemsjsu), and join their Discord for the latest news and events. We look forward to seeing the positive impact oSTEM will have on our campus community and beyond.

Happy Pride Month!

Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” features at WWDC announcement breakdown with Prof Ahmed Banafa

Apple OpenAI news story screenshotLast week, Apple announced its partnership with OpenAI, bringing a major upgrade to Siri. They added feature integration into many of its applications called “Apple Intelligence,” which can perform image generation and text generation. Watch the full interview to hear Professor Ahmed Banafa break down the technology and what it might have in store for us in the future.


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