Sourabh Garg

Sourabh is currently studying M.S. in Software Engineering at San José State University and is expected to graduate in December of 2021.

 As an eCampus student assistant, Sourabh is responsible for creating and editing the eCampus website while provide support for the students and faculty of SJSU. When starting at eCampus, he liked the work atmosphere and what helped was that everyone on the team was so helpful. His favorite part of the job is creating and editing web pages for the eCampus site. In addition, Sourabh really enjoyed helping the students and faculty with their issues and queries.

 When asked about his future plans, Sourabh says, “After graduation, I want to go back to professional life and apply my skills to create new and innovative softwares. I want to work in one of the top software companies and contribute to their Stack. As I don’t want to get away from learning new technologies, I want to start my own company after gaining enough industry experience. I believe startups are the best place to work and learn at the same time.”

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