Student Profile: Giri and Vaibhav present their Masters Project

  (Girivardhan Jigajinni- Top) (Vaibhav Kanchan-Bottom)

Girivardhan Jigajinni and Vaibhav Kanchan are the student assistants who in charge of helping the SJSU community with anything and everything eCampus related. Both are graduating this December with Masters in Electrical Engineering and presented their Masters Project in the Ballroom of the Student Union on Oct. 30th. Girivardhan better known as ‘Giri’ in the office has worked on his Masters Project for the past two semesters. His project, ‘Design and Analysis of Edge Computing in High-Speed Networks’ focused on cloud network and reducing lag. Giri says, “This network is used to perform computation at the “Edge” of cloud network thereby increasing computational speed, reducing data center loads and decreasing latency.  Amazon Web services, a cloud-based software was used to perform analysis of the packets traveling to the edge and the cloud nodes thereby helping in calculating the latency of the packets. The size of the edge network is optimized, and the computing speed is measured for both cloud and edge nodes”. There were many obstacles Giri and his partner faced while working on the project but they overcame them through wit and determination.  Giri states the hardest part of the project was researching and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. “The research took the longest. It is new tech and we couldn’t find proper simulation tools to analyze this technology”, Giri stated. With graduation creeping up he says he is glad he got to work on a project like this. He states, “I got to learn about new tech which is trending in the new market. It is exciting to be a part of it”.

Vaibhav’s project, ‘Study of Quantization & Bit-Width Augmentation for DNN on FPGA’ focuses on, “Neural Network models designed to target hardware model (FPGA), engineered to maximize precision and throughput while lessening energy and cost, which demonstrates the feasibility of adoption”, Vaibhav states. He goes on to say, “Human Brain and Machines work in different ways. Artificial Intelligence has been proving its worth in this industry for a decade now and would be a prominent aspect of the future. Data Processing rate, Power consumption, Computation needs, and Memory Maps have significantly increased”. Vaibhav told me it took him two semesters including summer break to complete the project. The most challenging part of the project for him was the Algorithm Definition and Hardware realization. He cheerfully said, “I am a thrill and happy of the creative efforts and the hard work we did”.

We here at eCampus are incredibly proud of our students assistants for continuing to be innovators and dedicated students in their field. Stop by IRC-206, M-F, 9AM-5PM for any and all eCampus related questions.

2 thoughts on “Student Profile: Giri and Vaibhav present their Masters Project

  1. Really glad to see eCampus sharing the success of student assistants on the blog too. Miss working there 🙂

    – Neel, ex-eCampus Student Assistant

    • Thanks for the comment Neel! We are proud of all our student assistants, and we hope you are doing well!