Join a Tableau User Group

If you participated in the seminar Telling Your Data Story Using Tableau, then you will find this is also in the “Tell Me More!” module.

Early in 2022 Tableau started a user group for Tableau newbies and you can sign up here:

Their next meeting is on May 26th.  The group is led by a couple experienced Tableau users.

Also, you may want to check out the The Tableau Student Guide. This is a blog that Tableau started early in 2022 and it posts a new dataset and challenge each week.  You can then submit your visualization and get feedback from the group.  If you are trying to build a portfolio of work, this is a way to get started since they provide a dataset and a goal (early on it’s often hard for new users to decide what to analyze, so this gives you a starting point, a goal, and feedback).