Data Science Education Workshop in June

Berkeley is hosting an interesting workshop on Data Science Education in June on the 27th – 30th.  It’s free (both in-person and virtually).  If you are interested, there’s a registration form on the page at that link.

I know what you are thinking …. OH NO 😮 that’s the same four days as the DATA+AI Summit mentioned in a prior post!!!

Both events have an online component, so if you are attending virtually, you could bounce back and forth.

This workshop is targeted at faculty and not students and has an in-person component (with very limited attendance) the first two days, and a virtual component the second two days.  The first two days are focused on schools who might be interested in starting a data science curriculum at the undergrad level similar to their Data 8 class for all undergrads. I saw a presentation on this a few years back (pre-pandemic), and it’s pretty amazing in that it’s a Jupyter notebook-based course targeted at providing a basic data science course to all of their undergrad students (like a GE course).  They had customized and hosted their own JupyterHub and had an army of teaching assistants and customized workbooks, and all really scaled up to handle a huge volume of students.  It seemed amazing, but looked like it required deep pockets.  If you are looking to implement something similar, the first 2 days are for you.

The second two days sound like a number of interesting panels that are related to teaching data science.  If you want to get an idea as to whether this may be of interest to you, you can check out some for the recordings from last year’s workshop.