DATA+AI Summit – June 27-30 (Free online registration)

The DATA+AI Summit hosted by Databricks is in San Francisco on June 27-30.  Although the on-site conference is not student budget priced, you can register to attend online for free.  That will allow you to see the keynote addresses and breakout sessions. The online portion is from the 28th through noon on the 30th (the 27th is half-day hands-on training sessions).

A few of the keynotes that could be particularly interesting include:

  • Andrew Ng – Co-founder of Coursera, previously taught at Stanford (popular AI course at Stanford and one of the most popular Coursera courses)
  • Peter Norvig – Stanford and Google
  • Hilary Mason – Founder of Fast Forward Labs, which was acquired by Cloudera. She’s a frequent speaker, and previously had a newsletter that companies paid 25K to subscribe to (yes, you read that correctly – and you get to hear her for free)

To Register, or to read more about the conference, go to this link.