Looking for a New Challenge? Consider Tableau’s Student Iron Viz Competition!

The Fall 2021 semester is winding down, and possibly you are looking for a new challenge.  If so, consider creating a visualization to enter in the Tableau Iron Viz (Student Edition):


The deadline for entry is December 31st, but if you took the Data Science for All seminar on visualizing your data story using Tableau, you have already completed the first two steps to competing!

The prizes are mainly swag, bragging rights (looks good on a resume or LinkedIn), some training, a chance to network, and even if you don’t win, just competing helps build your portfolio of projects and shows recruiters you are interested in the field beyond the classroom.

This competition is only open to students, and the above linked competition website lists the following four steps:

  • Join Tableau for Students
  • Create a Tableau Public Profile
  • Get the Data
  • Submit your Viz

If you participated in the seminar, you have already completed steps 1 and 2!

The competition website even has a 1-hour video from a webinar with last year’s winner and runner up.