Tableau Conference ’21 (Nov. 9 – 12) – Registration Open (virtual and free)

The registration for Tableau Conference 21 is now open, virtual, and completely free!  You can register at:

The conference is online in November from Tuesday, 9th – Friday, 12th 9am-3pm SJSU time (a.k.a. Pacific time).  In case you are at your chateau in France that week, they also have broadcast times slightly delayed for Europe and Asia Pacific.

There are a number of speakers and discussions (keynote speakers were not announced yet, other than their CEO), but if you sign up early, you can reserve a spot to talk with one of their “Tableau Doctors” to help diagnose visualization problems vexing you or a project you are working on.  Also, if there is a talk that interests you, you can also join a live Q&A session with the speakers and ask questions.