Presentation Title: Weeding is Fundamental! What Comes After Weeding?

Presenter(s): Katherine Hellman, School of Information

Abstract: As part of INFO 282, Seminar in Library Management: Libraries Take the Lead on Sustainability, I completed a project and presentation entitled Weeding is Fundamental: What Comes After Weeding? This project assessed the environmental impact of weeding materials from library collections, then offered three sustainable alternatives to sending books and periodicals to landfills. These alternatives are: 1) reselling books through Friends-sponsored book sales or independent purchasers; 2) donating books to local groups, charitable organizations, or service providers; and 3) repurposing and upcycling the physical components of the books for library DIY programs, such as recycled papermaking for children, blackout poetry for young adults, and stationery, wreath, or paper bead crafts for adults. Each of these sustainable alternatives is outlined in greater depth within the presentation, including links to partner organizations for reselling or donating weeded books.
This project gave me an opportunity to identify a nearly-universal issue impacting sustainability in libraries (the wastefulness) associated with the necessary task of weeding) and offer clear pathways to addressing the original issue, generating funds for the library, making charitable contributions, and creating library programs that can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences.

Link to Recorded Presentation:

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