Presentation Title: Gardening and Composting

Presenter(s): Destiney Darrough, School of Information

Abstract: For the course, INFO 282-15 Sustainability, I created a how to powerPoint guide on how to garden and compost. During this class I have learned about the ways each and every one of us can contribute to going green in small ways. With this project, I provided instruction and information on how gardening and composting can improve the quality of our lives. Within the PowerPoint, I tried to use visual elements such as links, images, and colorful text as visual tools. It is my hope that the PowerPoint was not only educational but was aesthetically pleasing as well. I wanted this to be a tool that people can use as a beginning guide to get started without being overwhelmed with information.  Admittedly before enrolling in this course and before having completed this project, about 8/10 times I often found myself saying “I think people should be more mad at corporations destroying the planet than the consumer.” But taking this class made me realize that we as individuals can do the work to help even if it is in a small way.

Link to Recorded Presentation: 

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