Presentation Title: Joining the Scholarly Conversation: A Guide for Graduate LIS Students

Presenter(s): Amber Passey, School of Information

Abstract: As the Editor-In-Chief of the iSchool’s Student Research Journal at San José State University, I have observed graduate student peers who are unfamiliar with and intimidated by the idea of joining the scholarly conversation. This has led to fewer submissions to the SRJ and a low number of authors choosing to revise and resubmit papers after the first round of peer review. In an effort to educate and motivate graduate students, I have created two infographics to illustrate the publishing cycle of the SRJ. Additionally, I created an instructional presentation on how graduate students can join the scholarly conversation. One infographic shows the entire publication process and has been helpful for the editorial team of the SRJ. The second infographic focuses on the author’s role in the publication cycle emphasizing the need for revision and resubmission prior to publication. In sharing these projects with my peers, I have grown professionally in my ability to receive feedback, implement it, and improve the presentation of my message. As a result I have also received responses from inspired students who are now motivated to join the scholarly LIS conversation. Full publishing cycle:  Author-focused:

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3 thoughts on “(2023) Joining the Scholarly Conversation: A Guide for Graduate LIS Students

  1. Joy Nieman

    Hi, Amber!

    Thank you so much for your presentation. I wasn’t even aware of the SRJ, and now I’m thinking of going through the peer review process because of the information you’ve covered here. What a great opportunity!

    • Amber J Passey


      I’m so happy to hear that! It’s a great opportunity to receive useful feedback on your writing and build your confidence in your own scholarly voice. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at


  2. Irene

    Amber, I really appreciate both of your graphics and the research that went into both of them. I look forward to the presentation you mentioned holding this spring as I am one of those grad students who is overwhelmed at the thought of publishing. (Though I have to admit I was a little surprised that several students weren’t aware/were put off by the revision process – I absolutely always want someone to look over my work and give me feedback before I send it out into the world!) Thank you for your presentation!

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