Presentation Title: Information Seeking Behaviors of Graduate Worker Union Representatives and Members

Presenter(s): Lawrence Lorraine Mullen, School of Information

Abstract: This project is the result of a final research paper from INFO 200, looking specifically at graduate worker union representatives and members as a unique information community that has not otherwise been studied. I learned through INFO 200 different information theories and information-seeking behaviors that can be applied to this particular information community. Learning the different behaviors of both members and representatives was particularly useful, as I am a graduate worker union representative myself at another university outside of SJSU and the UC system. While there has been research on graduate students, university faculty, and staff, and there has been research on union representatives and officials, there has not been research conducted on graduate workers and graduate worker unions. My project proposes examining qualities from (1) union representatives (2) university faculty (3) graduate students, to best understand the information-seeking behaviors and needs of graduate worker union members and representatives.

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One thought on “(2023) Information Seeking Behaviors of Graduate Worker Union Representatives and Members

  1. Dr. Jessica Bushey

    It’s great to learn about the research that SJSU iSchool students are doing. Thank you for taking the time to put this presentation together and sharing your interests with our information community.

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