Presentation Title: Hiring for DEI: Using Rubrics

Presenter(s): Cybele Garcia Kohel, School of Information

Abstract: As part of the syllabus for INFO 204 Information Professions, Professor Alman assigned us to explore a relevant topic in the field. I chose to create an infographic called Hiring for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Libraries. I believe this assignment, including most of the 204 class itself, has helped prepare me to work in library management. The infographic I created includes definitions of DEI, the importance of hiring to reflect a library community, and the critical steps in a DEI-minded hiring process. There is admittedly not enough time to go over all the information in the infographic in five minutes, so I will focus on the steps–spending the most time on creating rubrics for use in the hiring and management process. This is a concrete take-away which library managers can put to use right away, and has been researched and written about. While the use of rubrics alone won’t solve inequities in hiring, it gives a structure for hiring managers and supervisors to check their own biases, and for employees to use as a guide for professional development and professional growth.

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2 thoughts on “(2023) Hiring for DEI: Using Rubrics

  1. Dr. Jessica Bushey

    Rubrics have become such an important part of learning and evaluation. I enjoyed your presentation and appreciate the time you took to be involved in such an important process.

    • Cybele G Kohel

      Thank you Dr. Bushey! I agree. Thank you for taking the time to watch.

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