Presentation Title: Can’t Put it in the Bin? Bring It to the Library! A Sustainability Initiative

Presenter(s): Caroline Lewicki, School of Information

Abstract: This presentation was my final project for INFO 282 – Sustainability. We were asked to propose an eco-friendly initiative that would be applicable to a library setting. Recently, my municipality has limited the items that can be recycled in our curbside bin, which inspired me to propose a project that would have community members bring their “non-recyclables” to the library for us to repurpose. The items could be used for library displays or programs, including take and make crafts for families to do together at home. I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about how I could apply the concepts of sustainability discussed in our class to real life programming or building initiatives at my library. The project challenged me to think outside the box about how I could engage both the library and our community in a program that would support and educate community members on sustainability. I wanted to encompass continuing education for community members so that sustainability wouldn’t be seen as a “one and done” opportunity that ended after community members left the library.

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2 thoughts on “(2023) Can’t Put it in the Bin? Bring It to the Library! A Sustainability Initiative

  1. Dr. Jessica Bushey


    This is a good example of starting with a problem and finding a creative solution – way to be innovative!

    • Caroline Lewicki

      Hi Dr. Bushey –

      Thank you so much! I was so disappointed when our municipality stopped taking such common household recyclables, like paper board, but it’s turned into such a great resource for my library projects!

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