Sourisseau Academy March 2017 photo album and video

There was a time, long before the Fairmont, the Hilton, and the Marriott, that the Vendome Hotel (1888-1930) stood unchallenged at the pinnacle of South Bay elegance. Tourists and conventioneers could step through the front doors of the Vendome and board carriages for a day trip to the Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton, where they could actually view the craters of the moon later in the evening. In this month’s Sourisseau Academy photo album Michael Hurley, retired attorney and member of the Vendome Neighborhood Association, tells the story of this early 20th century ultramodern venue, featuring guest rooms with individual bathrooms, steam heat, and the elegant convenience of Otis elevators.

This month’s Sourisseau Academy news video explores the history of bicycles in the Santa Clara Valley.

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