COMM Center Peer Advisors: Passionate about helping


The COMM Centers Peer Advising program was officially launched in 2014, and is continuing to be a help to current or future COMMrads this Spring. The team is here to help as many students as possible with questions regarding our COMM major, course selection, and to get them excited about what our degree has to offer.

Our peer advisors will be doing their best this semester to help advise students, and give them additional resources to look into. The current team members are passionate about helping the program evolve with the Communications Department, and be of any help to fellow peers. Meeting with with a peer advisoris the first step towards reaching academic goals, and preparing for meeting with a faculty advisor to answer any further questions.
If you want advice on what classes to take next semester, or have questions about your major plan, go visit apeer advisor! The COMM Center is located in HGH 229.


To make an appointment with a peer advisor, visit:
Marlin Perez, SJSU COMM Center Peer Advisor

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