New COMM Center Peer Advisors Offer Expertise and Advice

Fall 2014 Peer Advisor

Rigo Flores, Fall 2014 Peer Advisor

This semester, the COMM Center proudly introduces new peer advisors, who are dedicated to helping Communication Studies students navigate the process of which classes to take, what kind of courses to enroll in, and how to succeed in their studies.

Our peer advisors rely on their experience and knowledge to direct students to the variety of resources that the Communication Studies Department has to offer. Peer advisors emphasize listening and clear communication, acknowledging that they are here to help their fellow students succeed.

Rigo Flores, one of the new peer advisors, explained, “We are not faculty advisors, so we can’t sign forms or deal with complex situations, but we can give students advise on a peer-to-peer level and do our best to answer any questions students might have for us.”

Rigo Flores is in the COMM Center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. For a full calendar of the peer advisors’ shifts visit our website.

— Adam Au

Adam Au is a COMM Center Writing Consultant. You can find out more about him on the Writing Consultant Blog

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