Dr. Ted Coopman’s Research Published in ‘New Media and Society’

Dr. Ted M. Coopman’s research on the internet and social movements was published in the most recent issue of the journal New Media And Society. Furthering the concept of “Parallel Polis” developed by Czech theorist Vaclav Benda, Dr. Coopman and his colleagues analyze how digital technologies are uniquely positioned to reflect and facilitate political expression and discuss how the internet fosters and maintains parallel social and political institutions.

You can read an abstract and download the article here.

Citation: Lagos, T., Coopman T.M., and Tomhave, J. (2014). Parallel Polis: Toward a theoretical framework of the modern public sphere and the structural advantages of the internet to foster and maintain parallel social and political institutions. New Media and Society 16 (3) 398-414

Congratulations Dr. Coopman!

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