Summer study-abroad students: Apply for scholarships now

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts at San José State University is offering 12 scholarships in the amount of $500 each to support students in the college who are enrolled in faculty-led study abroad programs this summer. Students can apply for the Helen L. Stevens Faculty-Led Program Scholarships for the College of Applied Sciences and Arts through March 21.

The Faculty-Led Program is a unique way to introduce students to the idea of the world as an educational resource, while giving students who may have never considered it a possibility the opportunity to study abroad. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts is committed to helping a broad range of SJSU students overcome the financial barriers to study abroad by offering the Helen L. Stevens Faculty-Led Program Scholarship to qualified students in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, made possible by a generous donation from Helen L. Stevens, former Director of International Programs and Services at San José State University.


Summer 2014 applications must be submitted electronically to Mimi Nguyen ( in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts by Friday, March 21, 2014.

Scholarship Amount

12 scholarships in the amount of $500 each


1. Applicants must be SJSU students in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts at the time of application and must have at least one remaining semester back on campus prior to graduation from SJSU.

2. Applicants must have at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application to be eligible for this award.

3.  Applicants must have been accepted to an official SJSU Faculty-Led Program administered by International Programs and Services.

4. Applicants must complete this form electronically and email it to Mimi Nguyen ( in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts by March 21, 2014 to be considered for the scholarship.

5. Students already receiving a scholarship specifically to attend a Faculty-Led
Program are NOT eligible to apply for this scholarship.


A copy of the application form with a fillable PDF can be downloaded here (Helen L. Stevens Faculty-Led Program Scholarship for the College of Applied Sciences and Arts Fillable PDF application.)



Students: Travel to South Korea this summer

San José State University students have an opportunity to find out more about an opportunity to travel to South Korea this summer on a faculty-led, three unit course offered through the School of Social Work in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Professors Meekyung Han and Sang E. Lee will be leading the proposed course, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

The course, “Social Services and Social Work in S. Korea: History, Cultures and Social Changes,” will run June 15-29. It will provide students with a framework for understanding and critically analyzing the important cultural, economic, historical, social, political and global factors that inform the challenges facing social services and social workers in contemporary South Korea.

Informational sessions will be held Feb. 25, at 3 p.m. and Feb. 26, at 3 p.m. in the School of Social Work, Washington Square Hall 215. Additional informational sessions will be held in March.

For a full list of faculty-led programs, visit Programs are offered in the summer, winter and by the semester.

Additional summer programs offered through the College of Applied Sciences and Arts include RECL 111/GLST 188: Paris: City of Cultures, taught by Linda Levine and David Buseck, and MCOM 180: Global Leadership, taught by Mathew Cabot. More courses may be pending approval.

For more information on the program in Korea, email Professors Meekyung Han at or Sang E. Lee at

Students: Get immersed in global leadership overseas

San José State University students are invited to apply for a study abroad program this summer that will take them to three countries in four weeks. As part of the Mass Communications 180 Global Leadership class, students will visit Paris, France for three weeks, Madrid, Spain for one week and Brussels, Belgium for a day trip under the tutelage of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Mathew Cabot. The course runs from June 16 – July 11, 2014.

Mathew Cabot will lead students on a three-country course in Europe.

Cabot, an associate professor at SJSU, will lead the program for the fourth time. Students will gain a global perspective on public relations, advertising and international reputation management, while also looking at political and economic issues on a global level.

In addition to the academic components of the program, students will also have a chance to take in the cultural sites. Some of the activities include a visit to a cheese shop, a boat tour on the Seine River, museum visits, tapas tasting and a trip to the European parliament.

The program is open to upper division undergraduate or graduate students, specifically those in business. There will be assignments before the travel begins and after. Foreign language skills are not a requirement as courses will be taught in English.

Estimated Costs

SJSU Special Session Tuition (6 units @ $250 each) 1,500
Administration Fee 200
Program fees, lodging, class materials and local tours approx. 3,592
Estimated Total $5,292

For more on the program, visit To watch a short video about the project, visit

Reflections of a KIN Salzburg Scholar

written by Erin Enguero

When I began college, I knew that there would be many opportunities to expand my knowledge not only as a future health care professional and kinesiologist, but as an educated, well-rounded individual. However, the last thing I would have expected was to find myself in Austria at age 20 for the Salzburg Global Seminar to learn about Global Citizenship. (You may recall that our very own KIN faculty member, Dr. Theodore Butryn attended the Seminar last year too!)

Since our field centers around the study of human movement, it would appear strange on the surface to leave the United States to discuss topics such as ethnocentrism, maps, conflict, world history, educational opportunities, and religion at the Schloss Leopoldskron (where the Sound of Music was filmed). Yet who can turn down the opportunity to converse with amazing scholars from all over the country, experience a new culture, enjoy the beautiful green landscape, indulge in the local cuisine, and for some of us, travel to at least three different countries after the seminar was over? This trip made me realize the importance of an open mind amidst the numerous individuals who will eventually cross our paths. A wide range of knowledge is truly an invaluable tool that may determine whether you get along with your co-workers and clients, or simply how you decide to live your life.

Attending the Salzburg Seminar changes one’s mindset in other ways: To be reminded of a journey’s novelty, rather than a goal’s completion. To explore the human potential of resilience that often defies all scientific and logical explanations. And to be determined to reach for the elusive meaning of our lives so we can look back and smile at our most memorable moments. My time in Salzburg, Austria was without doubt an unforgettable experience (read more on our Salzburg Scholars 2013 Blog!) and I encourage my supportive peers and admirable professors to consider embarking upon this wonderful opportunity. After all, kinesiology representatives move the world! I look forward to incorporating this love for movement in my upcoming Salzburg project this 2013-2014 school year.

P.S. Upon leaving Europe, I am happy to say my summer adventures were not quite over. Read about Kinesiology Ambassador’s first successful “How To Succeed as a KIN Major Workshop”!