CASA CARHS Announcements for Spring 2013: Programs, Research Support, & Networking

by Amy D’Andrade

If you’re anything like me, you’re returning to the campus hoping that you get a bit more writing and research done this term than you did last semester! In this month’s Update from CASA CARHS, we have information about a unique webinar from NCFDD that can help you further develop your time management skills, details about several peer-based writing supports that are just starting up for the term, and an invitation to our new “First Fridays at Flames,” where you can reward yourself for your scholarly accomplishments, or just vent about the challenges of academic life. Here’s the latest from CASA’s Center for Research on Human Services (CARHS).  Welcome back!

Free on-line workshop on “Aligning your time with your priorities” 

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, to which SJSU has an institutional membership, is offering a webinar bon “Aligning your time with your priorities.” Too often we say we want to focus on our scholarship, but then, for a variety of reasons, weeks go by and little writing has been done. In this webinar/workshop you will learn (and practice) skills to align your limited time with your priorities. NOTE: You must be registered with NCFDD to participate! It’s free, but we need a few days advance notice to sign you up. Contact Amy D’Andrade at with questions or to register.

CARHS writing supports starting up this for Spring semester

The Writing Room: 

Research suggests that people who write for short periods of time on a regular basis are much more productive than those who do “binge writing” –who write in big chunks of time spaced far apart. But finding the time to write is difficult when we have so many other demands competing for our attention. Several of your CASA colleagues are solving this dilemma by meeting on Wednesday mornings from 9-11 to create a regular space in their week to devote to writing. The first session is 2/6/13, meeting in the MLK Library lobby to start. Virtual participation welcome. Contact Danielle Harris at with questions or for more information.

Writing Accountability Group:

Research also suggests that writers who have to be accountable to others write much more than those who don’t. Another group of faculty members are using this strategy to help them move forward on scholarly projects. They’ll meet every two weeks to set specific goals, report progress, and just check in about the writing process. Virtual participation is welcome at this group as well. Contact Lori Rodriguez at with questions or for more information.

Introducing CARHS First Fridays at Flames

With all the stress of the academic life, you might be feeling the need to debrief and unwind. We propose a solution! Please consider joining your colleagues at the CARHS ‘First Friday at Flames’ – a space to relax, chat about research, check in with colleagues about writing goals, vent about grading, or simply forget all about work if you’d rather! Held the first Friday of the month at Flames, from 4PM to whenever: 2/1/13; 3/1/13; 4/5/13; 5/3/13. All are welcome. Contact Ted Butryn at  with questions or for more information.

CARHS research supports

Software support: Struggling with SPSS or NVivo? We have users groups available for NVivo (contact Amy D’Andrade, to sign up) and SPSS (contact Ed Cohen, to sign up); also available is one-on-one support for NVivo from a faculty member with special training (contact Amelie Pedneault,

Statistical consultation: We have two excellent statisticians who are available to consult with you on your research. This service is free for CASA faculty members (up to five hours per individual per semester). Contact Kathy Lemon, for a referral.

Campus research supports

There are a number of valuable supports for research and scholarship offered on campus. SJSU ResearchFoundation workshops this semester from the Office of Sponsored Programs focus on federal grant writing skills, including the upcoming session on 2/20/13 by Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Jerry Flanzer on strategies for working with federal program officers. RSVP to Nancy Riley at Through the Center for Faculty Development, there are a number of terrific opportunities to talk informally with researchers and scholars across campus about their work and its implications. In February, Dr. Kevin Jordan from Psychology – who has received millions of dollar of grant funding – will be speaking at the “Tea and Talk” program on Wednesday at 3PM in IRC 101.

Got ideas for other supports you could use? Offer them on our anonymous feedback form.

2013/2014 Sally Casanova California Pre-Doctoral Scholarship Program Available Now

by Office of the Provost, SJSU

Application forms for the 2013/2014 Sally Casanova California Pre-Doctoral Scholarship Program are now available.  Please share this information with eligible students.  Each pre-doctoral award is for $3,000.  The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the diversity of the pool of potential faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of diverse CSU students.  Each of the selected pre-doctoral scholars works closely with a CSU faculty sponsor to develop overall plans leading ultimately to enrollment in a doctoral program.  Each plan is tailored to the specific goals and educational objectives of the student.  A committee of faculty from the CSU and the University of California selects students to receive the awards.  It is a one-time award; current or former Pre-Doctoral Scholar Program recipients are not eligible to apply.

To be eligible to receive funds, applicants must be enrolled at SJSU during both the application period (Spring 2013) and at least one term of the following academic year (2013-2014).  Students who are likely to be admitted to doctoral programs that begin in Fall 2013 should be discouraged from applying.

Junior, senior, and graduate students in the CSU, especially those from groups underrepresented in their fields, receive funding for visits to Ph.D.-granting institutions to explore opportunities for doctoral study, for travel to national symposia or professional meetings, for membership in professional organizations, for journal subscriptions, and for graduate school application and test fees.  In addition, those who receive pre-doctoral awards are eligible to participate in a fully funded summer research internship at a doctoral-granting campus.

Applications and faculty sponsor forms may be obtained online at  Students must obtain transcripts from all undergraduate institutions they have attended.  Applicants are expected to assemble and submit in full the entire application packet in the correct order and with all necessary parts, unstapled and single-sided.  The campus deadline for completed applications and faculty sponsor forms is Monday, March 18, 2013.  Please submit all materials to the Office of Graduate Studies & Research in ADM 223B on or before that date. An additional form, the California Pre-doctoral Program Permission to Publish, obtained online at, must also be submitted.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 924-2485 or via email at

CASA Faculty Grant Awards Highlight SJSU Research Foundation October 2012 Release

by Staff

Some exciting news was recently released from the SJSU COO’s office regarding CASA faculty contract and grant rewards submitted by the SJSU Research Foundation.

A university-wide summary of the October 2012 report for contract and grant awards received and proposals submitted by the SJSU Research Foundation reflects that:

  • Awards – 29 new awards were received for a total of $4,744,192.
  • Proposals – 28 proposals requesting a total of $2,884,560 were submitted to sponsoring agencies.

In particular, CASA awards almost doubled in the past year (from 2011 – 2012 to 2012-2013) with awards reaching $2,530,063; representing a 76.7% increase in awards over the past year to the tune of $1,096,368. CASA proposals are also up in 2012-2013, with an 8% increase in proposals, up $161,403 from the previous year.

In particular, we would like to highlight the effort, skill, and dedication of the following CASA faculty who have received grants this past month.


Faculty & Projects College or Dept Grant Provider
Laurie Drabble, Kathy Lemon-Osterling
Child Welfare Partnerhisp for Research & Training
School of Social Work UC Berkeley
Sadhna Diwan
The Advanced Directive Attitudes, Values, & Knowledge in Chinese Elders (ADVANCE) Study
School of Social Work UC CA Regents
Susan Wilkinson
SJSU Physical Education – Health Project at Long Beach
CA Physical Education – Health Project
Department of Kinesiology UC CA Regents
Diane Guerrazzi Martinet
Establishment of a University Partnership in Journalism with Herat University Afghanistan
Journalism/Mass Communication Department of State
Jayne Cohen
The Health Place, 2012-2013
Nursing Town of Los Gatos

Congratulations to the faculty and students who received grants and awards, and good luck to the faculty and students who are seeking grants and contracts. The increase in grant awards has occurred due to the hard work of faculty, and has also occurred due to the groundwork laid by CARHS and CASA to increase proposals and awards.

CASA is dedicated to the development of new research and providing the resources and time needed for faculty to pursue research paths that help in our efforts to transform SJSU and our communities.

Please note that these reports can also be found on the Research Foundation’s website under “Quick Links” (  The direct link can be found here: