Miranda Worthen Recognized for Early Career Achievements

Congratulations to Miranda Worthen, Department of Health Science and Recreation Assistant Professor, for receiving the Early Career Investigator Award for 2016!

According to the Research Foundation, the award recognizes tenure-track faculty who have excelled in the areas of research, scholarship or creative activity as evidenced by their success in securing external funds for their research, publishing in peer reviewed publications, and demonstrating other scholarly and creative activities, at an early or beginning point in their career.

“I felt really honored to be recognized,” said Miranda as she was surprised to be awarded and had not considered applying for the award. She received a nomination from Anne Demers, Department Chair of Health Science and Recreation, soon after being encouraged to submit an application from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Associate Dean of Research, Amy D’Andrade. Amy said that Miranda’s work is competitive and that she should apply.

Miranda’s work is interdisciplinary and includes epidemiology of psychosocial factors, the development of context-appropriate mixed methodologies that emphasize academic rigor and community validity, and intervention research. She focuses on social factors that mitigate or exacerbate the physical and mental health impact of exposure to violence and stress.

Strongly believing in paying it forward, Miranda plans to encourage other faculty to apply for grants and support them through the application process. She also believes that the award is a great example for her students as she promotes nominating themselves for scholarships and awards as sometimes it is hard for students to apply as they may have never won academic competitions.

“It is especially important to encourage our students to try their Luck. I’ll definitely share this experience to illustrate for my students that even when you don’t think you will be competitive, you might actually win.”

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts is proud of Miranda and looks forward to her continued success.

Nutrition Prof receives 2014 CDA award for research

Dr. Kasuen Mauldin, an assistant professor at San José State University in the Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging department, has won the 2014 California Dietetics Association (CDA) Excellence in Research Award. The award is given to a CDA member for professional excellence in dietetic/nutrition research. Award recipients must demonstrate leadership and active participation in nutrition-related professional associations, excel in contributing to the body of knowledge of dietetics/nutrition via research and in teaching others in a specialized field of research, and have a productive history of refereed research publications.

Kasuen Mauldin

Kasuen Mauldin

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts professor’s research training is in human metabolism with a focus on lipoprotein homeostasis. Her work on structure-function analyses of apolipoproteins A-V and contributions to the scientific literature have provided insight into possible mechanisms for targeting prevention and treatment strategies in cardiovascular disease.  In 2012, Mauldin was honored to serve as the Associate Chair of the Gordon Research Seminar on Lipoprotein Metabolism.

In addition to basic science research, Mauldin conducts collaborative clinical studies with aims (1) to better understand the relationship between maternal metabolism during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes and (2) to identify specific dietary interventions that improve maternal metabolism during pregnancy that translates into a favorable in utero environment for fetal development.

Dr. Mauldin is a passionate educator and is very interested in effectively teaching science curriculum in dietetics education. To this end, she has obtained funding to research and enhance her teaching with the innovative use of simulation technology in interprofessional education. She presented at both the 2012 and 2013 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo national meetings on topics related to the use of simulation in dietetics education.

She currently serves on the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics: Nutrition & Dietetics Educators & Preceptors (NDEP) Simulation Taskforce. She is an active member of the NDEP practice group and the San Jose Peninsula District dietetics association. She serves on the Steering Committee of the SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts Center for Applied Research on Human Subjects (CARHS). She is Chair of the 2014 Center for Healthy Aging in a Multicultural Population (CHAMP) Conference.

The aspect Mauldin enjoys most about research is the creative thinking and problem solving involved. Partaking in scholarly activities keeps her up-to-date in the field of nutrition and helps her stay relevant in her teaching. She said she feels blessed to have such a rewarding career and to be able to work with inspiring research colleagues and nutrition graduate students.  She will be presented the Excellence in Research Award at the 2014 CDA meeting awards luncheon on April 3,2014, in Pomona.

For a list of peer-reviewed publications: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/kasuen.mauldin/publications/



Outstanding Thesis Award Nominations Open Until March 8

by Office of the Provost

The Outstanding Thesis Award will be available for 1-2 theses completed in the 2012/2013 academic year.  The winners will each receive $500.  In addition, the winners will be presented at the University’s commencement ceremony in May and will sit with the platform party.

Each college is invited to nominate one outstanding thesis for consideration for this prestigious award.  Students with degrees awarded in May, August, and December of 2012 and those with degrees to be awarded in May 2013 are eligible.  We continue to include the prior May degree recipients so that high quality work completed too late for last year’s college selection process can participate this year.  One restriction remains; nominees sent forward to the Graduate Studies & Research Committee last year may not be nominated again.  The deadline for this year’s competition is March 8, 2013.  Colleges may forward their nominee anytime before the March 8 deadline.

The Graduate Studies & Research Committee will serve as the jury.  In order to assist the Graduate Studies & Research Committee in the difficult task of selecting the “best of the best,” please submit the following with each nomination:

  • A copy of the thesis (which will be returned).
  • A minimum of two reference letters that indicate the reasons for the nominee’s selection, including some indication of the contribution made by the thesis to knowledge in the field.  Reference letters are required from the college committee or dean and the thesis committee chair or program coordinator.
  • The Outstanding Thesis Award Information Form (http://www.sjsu.edu/gradstudies/docs/Outstanding_Thesis_Award_Information_Form-downloadable.pdf) completed for the college nominee.

The Graduate Studies & Research Committee will make its selections by March 18, 2013.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact David Bruck at david.bruck@sjsu.edu.  We hope that all colleges will be represented this year.

Nominations for the 2013 SJSU Research Foundation Early Career Investigator Award Open

by Office of the Provost

Nominations for the 2013 SJSU Research Foundation Early Career Investigator Award have opened.  The Early Career Investigator Award recognizes tenure-track faculty at San Jose State University who have excelled in the areas of research, scholarship or creative activity, evidenced by their success in securing external funds to support those activities at an early or beginning point in their career.  Award recipients will receive a commemorative plaque and a cash award of $1,000 to be used at the recipient’s discretion.

Nomination guidelines for the award program are here (2013 Early Career Investigator Award Description).  Please review this information to determine your interest in and eligibility for participation.

The deadline for nominations is March 29, 2013.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jerri Carmo at jerri.carmo@sjsu.edu.