Former Spartan Daily editor honored with scholarship

The family of Christopher Marian, who died in his sleep on May 15 at the age of 28, has chosen to remember him with an endowed scholarship in his name. The $2,000 scholarship will go to a San Jose State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication student each year. Marian’s family signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tower Foundation to create the Chris Marian Journalism Scholarship on Oct. 29.

Marian worked on the Spartan Daily for four semesters while attending SJSU, as a staff writer, copy editor and most recently as the opinion editor. He wrote a column entitled “Nuke the Whales.” His sister Alicia Marian described her brother as “very intelligent, kind, articulate, witty and funny with a ‘sardonic, sarcastic slant’” in a press release from the signing ceremony.

As a child, Marian was interested in military and aviation history. He started flight lessons as an eighth-grade student and originally pursued an aviation degree at SJSU. He was part of the university’s Precision Flight Team from 2003 to 2005. He studied off and on at SJSU from 2003 on, switching to journalism.

“Chris was one of our excellent senior editors on Access who kept the grammar coordinated with the writing intent,” said Tim Mitchell, a journalism design professor, in a press release about the scholarship. “If Chris was a Western gunslinger, he would have been the fastest draw with an AP Style Guide in his holster.”

SJSU Counseling Services Updates Resources, Services, & Support

by Ellen Lin
1.  Change in “walk-in” procedure.  Due to overwhelming number of students at times (sometimes up to 20 in an afternoon), we have decided to go to a scheduling system for these first contacts.  Thus, instead of continuing our first-come-first-serve/walk-in procedure, when students request a counselor now, we are scheduling those first “assessment” or triage appointments (20 minute appointments).  This applies to students who have never been to our services or would like to switch counselors.  The appointment system allows us to spread out the times when students are seen during the day, instead of the previously concentrated traffic during the afternoons.  We are making sure to have plenty of appointment slots available so that we can best fulfill the demand.
We do still have the emergency/crisis service where a student can just walk in for crisis, and that continues to be available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm.
2.  After-hours crisis services.  With the Mental Health Fee fund, we have contracted with an after-hours crisis agency (ProtoCall) who will help us answer those crisis calls when Counseling Services is closed.  Students, faculty, and staff can access the after-hours mental health crisis service by calling the Counseling Services main number, 408-924-5910, and the message will direct the callers to press the appropriate # to be connected.  We have provided ProtoCall with quite a bit of local resources contact info so that callers can be directed appropriately.  Counseling Services will also get a report of the calls the following morning so that we can follow up when appropriate.  Please feel free to give us feedback about how this system is working for you, and we will coordinate with ProtoCall.
3.  Additional website resources.   Please see below email from Tova regarding an extensive list of community resources that she has placed on the Counseling Services website.  She has done a tremendous job compiling these, so please pass the word.
In addition, you’ll see a few extra pages under our “Faculty/Staff” tab:
This section now includes pages on “Managing aggressive behaviors,” “De-escalating aggressive behavior,” in addition to “Referring troubled or suicidal students.”