Felix Navarro

Felix Navarro, a student in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Valley Foundation School of Nursing, has been elected to the Grand Council, only the second person from San Jose State University to represent Delta Sigma Phi on a national level. The council consists of nine members, two of whom are undergraduate students, who serve on the fraternity’s national board of directors.
“I will be serving as one of nine board members that help guide the direction and overall growth of Delta Sigma Phi,” he said, via email. “Several key goals I would like to accomplish during my two-year term are to improve national communication for subsequent chapters and to improve alumni retention and involvement across the country.”
Navarro has been a member of Delta Sigma Phi since he was a freshman in 2010. This year marks his fourth year with the fraternity.
“Being a part of Delta Sigma Phi has been the gift of a lifetime,” he said. “In addition to the many transferable skills the organization has taught me with its numerous leadership programs, I have been able to create everlasting bonds of friendship with my chapter brothers. Making great memories and serving the SJSU community with these gentlemen is my favorite part of being a lifetime member.”
As a student, Navarro said the skills he’s learned from the leadership activities have helped him on the hospital floor when he interacts with staff and patients during the clinical rotations required of nursing students.
“Being part of the Grand Council will allow me to further sharpen these skills and meet many different people from across the country,” he said. “Working and interacting with these diverse individuals can and will only make me a better nurse, especially as a California nurse, where most patients are from a variety of different backgrounds.”
He said he also hoped his role as a national board member would help to focus some positive attention on San Jose State University.
“I believe that having an SJSU student serve on a national board of directors for a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization shows what kinds of leaders San Jose State is building,” he said. “It shows the kind of leadership qualitied and capabilities the College of Applied Sciences and Arts – especially Nursing – instills in its students.”
Many of the members of the Grand Council are presidents, vice presidents or partners at their firms.
In addition to his leadership role in Delta Sigma Phi and the challenging course load of the Nursing program, Navarro works as a peer advisor in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Student Success Center.

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