Recognizing Department of Audiology Student and Faculty Accomplishments in Fall 2022

By: Shaum Bhagat

A number of positive developments in the Department of Audiology have occurred during the Fall 2022 semester. Doctor of Audiology student Danielle Hall received an award from the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology for her work in creating a visual presentation for patients or professionals concerning a topic in Aural Rehabilitation. The focus of Danielle Hall’s visual presentation concerned hearing aid selection, and information regarding different hearing aid devices was included in the presentation. The Food and Drug Administration has recently established rules concerning over the counter (OTC) hearing devices. While these are devices, they are not conventional hearing aids. Ms. Hall’s visual presentation provides information to help distinguish the conventional hearing aids typically available for hearing aid candidates.

Assistant Professor Adam Svec hosted a hearing screening event as part of the Transforming Communities initiative, co-sponsored by the CHHS Committee to Enhance Equity and Diversity (CEED) on November 1st. Dr. Svec was assisted by three Doctor of Audiology students, and several community members received a hearing screening test. Dr. Svec also awarded the Hearing Industry Research Consortium grant for a research project in partnership with two colleagues, Dr. Marc Brennan of the University of Nebraska and Dr. Laurel Carney of the University of Rochester. Dr. Svec will serve as the Principal Investigator for the project, and funding for the project will begin in January of 2023.

We wish to recognize the ongoing accomplishments of our Doctor of Audiology students and faculty members in the Department of Audiology. We look forward to celebrating student and faculty achievements and marking the passage of program milestones in the year ahead.

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