National Public Health Week 2022

By: Dr. Anji Buckner

Four events took place this year  in honor of National Public Health Week. The theme, “Public Health is Where You Are”, was explored in different ways through each event. We began with learning how to visualize our communities in a GIS mapping workshop, led by our own Russ Bartlett (PHR Lecturer). Next we had our keynote presentation with Dr. Anthony Iton (Senior Vice President, Building Healthy Communities, California Endowment). Dr. Iton, led us on a data-driven journey to see systemic injustices and the impacts on population health. We closed the week with two networking events: a workshop with Kristin Keller (SJSU Career Center) and Networking with Professionals, where eight professionals, all working to promote and improve population health in our communities, joined us for an hour of virtual networking. NPHW 2022 was a success. We had 640 people attend our four incredible events. If you are curious, we invite you to explore the materials and recordings will remain on our NPHW 2022 Events page and available as a resource.

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