Spring 2017 Blog Series 7 of 10: The Valley Foundation School of Nursing – Nurse Managed Centers Provide Free Services to Well and Frail Elders

For over 30 years, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing Nurse Managed Centers has provided quality community based health care services in an innovative educational environment. The focus of the Nurse Managed Centers is health promotion and illness prevention for populations across the lifespan. The Nurse Managed Centers provide free services to well and frail elders and persons with chronic mental illness.

“Today, there are nine Nurse Managed Centers and two psych mental health clinics,” says Dr. Daryl Canham, Nursing Professor. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County John XXIII is one of the nine Nurse Managed Centers that SJSU students serve. Each semester approximately 10 students perform community health practices for John XXIII clients. “Primarily they work with multi ethnic seniors,” says Dr. Canham.

The Nurse Managed Centers give undergraduate students an opportunity to apply their skills that they have learned in the classroom. “Students provide assessment for the patients as well as advocate for client’s well- being. They take the client’s blood pressure as well as talk with the clients about their health concerns such as medications they may be taking and if they need to see a physician,” says Dr. Canham.

Other Nurse Managed Centers where nursing students perform services are: Cambrian Senior Complex, High House, Timpany Center, Hilltop Manor, Family Shelter, Beach Flats in Santa Cruz, and Sunnyvale Life Garden.

“We have approximately 450 nursing students,” says Dr. Canham. “And at least 60 students every semester has the opportunity to assist the community in our Nurse Managed Centers.”

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