SJSU Record Clearance Project featured in Mercury news

The San José State University Records Clearance Project was featured on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News May 23, with the story also featured prominently on the newspaper’s website and photo gallery page.

The Records Clearance Project is an effort undertaken by the College of Applied Sciences and Arts Justice Studies department’s Peggy Stevenson and students who work to help those with a criminal history get their records expunged. The program, started in January 2008, connects people eligible to clear their criminal records with undergraduate students in the Justice Studies department who assist them through the process. In 2013, the team reported filing 169 petitions on behalf of 55 clients with all but two dismissals granted. A recent study conducted by Stanford University found many benefits for those who have their records expunged as well as for the economy of their communities, as those who have their records cleared have more opportunities to find employment.

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