Money can be funny – see the Stand-Up Economist

With the economy still slow to recover some people might not find money to be a laughing matter, but Yoram Bauman finds plenty to joke about in his presentation as the “Stand-Up Economist.” Bauman will be on campus Oct. 21, from 4 to 5 p.m., in the Barrett Ballroom of the Student Union at San Jose State University for a free event that will include free Little Brother’s Kettle Corn, a magic show and a comedy act focused on economics.

Bauman has a degree in economics, is a published author and started down the road to comedy when he wrote a parody of the ten principles of economics from Greg Mankiw’s textbook, according to his website. His piece was published in a science humor journal. He was then invited him to present his paper at an annual meeting. From there, he started going to open mic nights at a comedy club in Seattle, where he lives with his wife.

He says the goals of his show are to “spread joy to the world through economics comedy; to reform economics education; and to implement carbon pricing, preferably through a revenue-neutral tax shift involving lower taxes on things we like (working, saving, investing) and higher taxes on things we don’t like (e.g., carbon.)”

The show is hosted by The Green Ninja Project, with sponsors including the College of Applied Sciences and Arts Valley Foundation School of Nursing and Public Health Nursing Club along with the SJSU’s departments of Meterology/Climate Science and Economics.

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