JMC School Professor Komenich on the Washington Post, Ed Kennedy, & Journalism

by Kim Komenich

I am quoted in a Friday Washington Post piece about Ed Kennedy, the AP reporter who broke an 18-hour embargo of the announcement about the WWII German surrender once he heard that the news was already being broadcast on the radio in Europe- in German. The article can be found here.

I became involved with the Ed Kennedy Project through my former Examiner colleague Eric Brazil. Eric’s friend Ray March (also mentioned in the Post piece) is leading the charge. The Chronicle and more than 50 journalists have signed on and the group hopes the thing will catch fire in the coming weeks.

There will be a panel discussion Dec. 7 in S.F. on the Ed Kennedy Project. Panelists are Brazil, March, Julia Kennedy Cochran, David Perlman of the S.F. Chronicle and Ward Bushee, S.F. Chronicle editor, moderator. It is being sponsored by the California Press Association with administrative support from the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

March is also proposing an event to be held Pulitzer week (early April) at the Panetta Institute in Monterrey. If you are interested, I can see if I can get March to vector the event to SJSU and use the occasion to stream it to other J-schools.

Even if March does the thing in Monterrey, I think the Kennedy issue brings up a great symposium topic– the gray ethical area we sometimes get into when we’ve committed to one thing and it turns out to be another. Mike Wallace caught hell for his opinions about this in the PBS “Ethics in America” series in the 70’s. Video is near the bottom of this page:

We’ve been streaming all of our JMC Graduate Program – New Media Visionaries lectures this semester:

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