Student Health Services Building and Wellness Incubator

Participants: Graduate Student Jessica Maynes, Professor Chuck Darrah (Anthropology), Roger Elrod (Student Health Services), Laurie Morgan (Student Health Services), and Professor John McClusky(Industrial Design)

Partner: Student Health Services at San Jose State University

Project: The goal of the project is to design a new Student Health Services Building which incorporates the idea of a Wellness Incubator to promote and improve the wellness of the campus community at SJSU.  In order for overall wellness to improve, this building needs to address not just the physical dimension of wellness but address all the dimensions of wellness which also include social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, multicultural, occupational, and environmental.  The team members used the HEAL Charrette Book from The HEAL Project, which analyzed student and faculty interviews done on campus and created a book with several ideas and illustrations on improving wellness on campus.  This book aided the team members in the creation of a list of principles that incorporate wellness for the Student Health Services Building.  Illustrations will be created for each principle to demonstrate how each would be represented within the structure of the building.   These principles and illustrations will be given to Roger Elrod and Laurie Morgan to be used in meetings with prospective architects and contractors of the new Student Health Services Building to ensure that wellness is incorporated into the design.

Period: Spring 2012

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