Faculty Promotion: Soma Sen

Soma Sen

Soma Sen

Soma Sen

Promotion to Professor

Years at SJSU: 11

Department: Social Work

RSCA focus: Understanding and addressing health disparities among marginalized groups

Professor Soma Sen’s recent research is focused on the social epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. She sees her work understanding and addressing health disparities among marginalized groups as a social justice issue. With grants, a year-long fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco, and a one-semester sabbatical in 2015, Sen has solidified and furthered her research agenda. Her publications include two book chapters, two manuscripts under review, two in preparation and 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as conference presentations.

“My various RSCA projects are motivated by my passion to create a more just society,” she said.

Along with her research, Sen currently serves on the Academic Senate, worked with the group UndocuAllies to support DACA students, and served on a Strategic Planning Task Force.

“My experience as a faculty member in the School of Social Work at SJSU who came to this country as an international student has been extremely rewarding,” she said. “My profession’s code of ethics of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relations, integrity, and competence serve as my guiding principles as I continue to develop as an educator, researcher, and a social worker.”

Note: Congratulations to the 43 faculty members who received tenure and/or promotion for 2018-19. We have invited each faculty member to participate in a series of posts profiling their teaching, service, and research, scholarship and creativity activities. Those faculty who opted to participate will be featured throughout the fall semester on the Academic Spotlight blog and the digital sign in the Administration Building lobby.


RTP transition website offers info on new policies

San Jose State has new retention, tenure and promotion policies that will go into effect in 2016-17. The Professional Standards Committee members will use the current year to prepare the campus for the transition, with updates available on the RTP Transitions website.

In June 2015, the president signed university policies S15-6, S15-7, and S15-8, which revised the appointment, retention, tenure, and promotion policies for SJSU. The appointments policy, S15-6, went into effect fall 2015. The RTP policy revisions will be effective fall 2016.

In preparation for that transition, the Professional Standards Committee, the Center for Faculty Development and the Office of Faculty Affairs are planning workshops, creating training materials, and developing the new documents and forms needed for the new system of review.

A “Quick Facts” document outlines the major changes in RTP policies and procedures, comparing the old and new policies side-by-side.

Another document shows the regular timelines for RTP reviews under the new policies for all RTP candidates.