October newsletter: University 101 guides new faculty in first term

New faculty members are learning the ins and out of San Jose State with a new program titled “University 101.” Dennis Jaehne, who formerly served as the associate vice president of Undergraduate Studies and interim deputy provost, is coordinating the program and curriculum for the professors.

“The university is a complex system with lots of moving pieces,” Jaehne said. “I have a good picture of it after 26 years.”

For the program, faculty members are invited to attend four workshops that are two hours each, with an optional workshop each month. The topics range from student demographics and the admission process, Academic Affairs processes, budget and shared governance.

Andrea Golloher, a new professor in the Connie L. Lurie College of Education special education department, said she signed up for University 101 to learn “behind-the-scenes details that make the university work.”

“The session on curriculum requirements helped clarify some of my questions and highlighted some policies I was unaware of,” she said, via email.

Golloher said she would recommend the program to other new faculty and said she would suggest including information on parking/permits for future cohorts in an early session.

Ellen Middaugh, another professor in Education with the child and adolescent development department, said the program made her feel valued to know the university is making an effort to support her transition to the faculty.

“As new faculty, we have a lot to juggle with teaching new classes and keeping our research going,” she said, via email.  “While all the information we need is available online, it can be hard to make time to find it. So having an overview that lets us know what is out there and where to look is very helpful.”

New faculty members who attend all the monthly sessions will receive a stipend of $1,000 to use toward professional development, professional travel or equipment, with those attending 75 percent of the workshops receiving $750.

Dennis Jaehne, front right, welcomes new faculty members to University 101.

Dennis Jaehne, front right, welcomes new faculty members to University 101.