Associate Professor Shares Insight on Campus Protests in Op-Ed

Magdalena Barrera

Magdalena Barrera

San Jose State University Associate Professor of Mexican American Studies Magdalena Barrera co-authored an op-ed “Renewing Alliances in Troubled Times” that was published this week in Inside Higher Ed, a national media outlet focused on issues facing colleges and universities.

Along with a colleague from Oberlin College, Shelly Lee, Barrera wrote about the issue with simplistic media coverage of campus protests.

“We argue that viewing all undergraduates as privileged ‘special snowflakes’ making unreasonable demands elides the racial and socioeconomic diversity of students and campuses, as well as historic inequities in higher education that need to be addressed.”

Barrera is the minor advisor for Mexican American Studies and is a Faculty-In-Residence for Diversifying the Faculty for 2016-17.