‘One Carbon Footprint At A Time’ Airs on KQED

San Jose State University Emeritus Professor Bob Gliner’s latest documentary will premiere on KQED on Jan. 2 at 11:30 p.m. and repeat on Jan. 3, at 5:30 a.m.

The former Sociology professor is a prolific filmmaker who has traveled the world to produced documentaries focused on social issues and social change. He combines his interest in education and climate change in his latest half-hour documentary, “One Carbon Footprint At a Time.” The film highlights how education can inspire everyday actions that play a critical and potentially transformative role in affecting climate change. The film explores a unique interdisciplinary Global Climate course at SJSU as well as classes at two San Jose area middle schools to see how the curriculum influences students to make changes in their daily lives.

The documentary features SJSU students, alumni and two faculty members, Eugene Cordero, from Meteorology and Climate Science, and Anne Marie Todd, from Communications Studies.

Gliner has received more than 16 awards for his films and was named as San Jose State’s 2002 President’s Scholar. For more information on Gliner’s latest documentary as well as other work, visit his website. DocMakerOnline.com. For updates on the SJSU alumni featured in the film, visit the program’s website.

Emeritus Professor Bob Gliner Education Doc to Air on PBS

Documentary producer and SJSU Emeritus Professor of Sociology Bob Gliner’s new 30-min. documentary Communities as Classrooms — about a profound educational initiative at four schools in El Salvador — airs Sunday, June 5, at 8 p.m. throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on PBS station.

Communities as Classrooms shows an educational experiment in participatory democracy that could serve as a model in the US. The documentary shows how students become actively engaged in solving problems in their own communities, not as an extra-curricular activity, but as part of learning math, language, writing and other basic educational skills — skills they see as necessary to solving the issues their communities face.

The documentary was produced in association with the Ministry of Education in El Salvador. Gliner has produced several other documentaries including Learning From El Salvador, Schools That Change Communities, Lessons From the Real World. Gliner’s focus on social problems and social change has brought him to locations that include Russia, Macedonia, Viet Nam, India, Tanzania, Israel, Ecuador and Cuba, where he has filmed award-winning stories.

For more information or to read reviews, visit Gliner’s website at DocMakerOnline.com.