Tenure and Promotion: Tabitha Hart

Tabitha Hart

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Years at SJSU: 6

Department: Communication Studies

RSCA focus: Inter/cultural communication, ethnography communication, applied communication, organizational communication, technology and communication and interpretive/qualitative methods.

Associate Professor Tabitha Hart has coauthored more than a dozen book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals on communication. In 2018, she co-authored her first book Regulatory processes of learning: Contributions of Cultural Historical Activity Theory. Her published works have focused on intercultural communication in the digital age, online ethnography and qualitative analysis software.

Hart has completed white papers and research reports on student success, including a report based on student interviews and focus groups aimed at decreasing low grades and withdrawal rates in engineering courses and a white paper on internships for academic credit. She presented her work on developing assignments and activities for maximum impact in regards to internships at the California State University Symposium on University Teaching in April 2018.

In addition to teaching nearly a dozen courses in Communications Studies, Hart has been involved in SJSU’s Writing Across the Curriculum initiative, SJSU’s Reading Program and served as a faculty in resident for internships with the Office of Student and Faculty Success.

Note: Congratulations to the 43 faculty members who received tenure and/or promotion for 2018-19. We have invited each faculty member to participate in a series of posts profiling their teaching, service, and research, scholarship and creativity activities. Those faculty who opted to participate will be featured throughout the fall semester on the Academic Spotlight blog and the digital sign in the Administration Building lobby.

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