Faculty Promotion: Katherine D. Harris

Katherine D. Harris

Katherine D. Harris

Katherine D. Harris

Promotion to Professor

Years at SJSU: 14

Department: English and Comparative Literature

RSCA focus: Pedagogy and Digital Pedagogy, British Romanticism and Romantic-era women’s poetry, Gothic novels, Victorian novels and “Afterings”/Adaptations, Nineteenth-century culture and literature, Nineteenth-century reading practices, Bibliography, Textual Studies and History of the Book, Digital Humanities, Feminist theory and Women’s Studies.

Professor Katherine D. Harris is on sabbatical this fall to complete work on several articles associated with Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models & Experiments, a peer-reviewed collection of curated teaching materials under contract with the Modern Language Association. She is also the author of two books on British literary annuals and has been integral in coordinating the “Bicentennial Celebration – Frankenstein at 200.” The year-long project has included a Spring 2018 class, a panel and student poster session on technology ethics in Silicon Valley, several student-run films, performance, and discussion events, and a recent panel in which speakers discussed Mary Shelley’s novel from different Humanities perspectives.

As a professor, she enjoys “meeting SJSU’s wide array of students and working with them towards intellectual growth.” Along with her teaching and scholarly work, Harris has been an advocate for low-cost open educational resources.

Note: Congratulations to the 43 faculty members who received tenure and/or promotion for 2018-19. We have invited each faculty member to participate in a series of posts profiling their teaching, service, and research, scholarship and creativity activities. Those faculty who opted to participate will be featured throughout the fall semester on the Academic Spotlight blog and the digital sign in the Administration Building lobby.


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