May 2018 Newsletter: Famed Judo Coach Honored for 70 Years of Service at SJSU

Yoshihiro Uchida, left, with SJSU President Mary A. Papazian, still helps coach team practice sessions every night. (Photo: David Schmitz)

Yoshihiro Uchida, who was honored this spring for seven decades of service, is a living legend at San Jose State University. When he was honored for 70 years of service at the April Faculty Service Recognition and Awards at SJSU, many news outlets reported on his long history at the university. Watch a video from ABC7News and read about him in the San Jose Mercury News. Uchida, 98, founded the university’s judo program in 1946, transformed the fledgling program into a collegiate powerhouse, and is still going strong by helping coach team practice sessions every night. The coach of the U.S. Olympic judo team the last time the Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo in 1964, Uchida said he hopes to attend the 32nd Summer Games when they return to Japan’s capital city in 2020.

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