May 2018 Newsletter: Design Team Uses 3D Printing to Address Housing Issues

A “Cabin of Curiosities” tucked away into an Oakland backyard — composed of 3D printed walls, tiles, furniture and assorted objects — has the distinct imprint of Virginia San Fratello, associate professor of interior design at San Jose State. San Fratello and her award-winning design studio partner Ronald Rael, associate professor of architecture at University of California, Berkeley, were featured on CBS SF Bay Area for their collaboration on designing and building the structure after the city of Oakland relaxed its restrictions on secondary housing units amidst the Bay Area’s severe affordable housing crisis. “I think in the world of 3D printing and architecture, there is a race of who can print the fastest and the cheapest and it’s a race to the bottom,” San Fratello said, adding she and Rael were more interested in “making something really beautiful.”

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