Virtual Travel for Students

This message is for employees who process student travel and is meant to offer clarity to the process.

Students are not required to submit a Travel Authorization for virtual conferences/events.  However, if the event changes from virtual to in-person, authorizations are required:

  • If the student is an SJSU employee, submit an authorization request in FTS before the event.
  • If the student is NOT an SJSU employee, fill out the Travel Approval Request form and obtain the necessary approval.

To reimburse a student for out-of-pocket expenses:

Please note that Finance encourages departments to use their GoCard to pay for registration to avoid putting an economical strain on the student.

For more information, please refer to the Virtual Meetings/Conferences FAQs.  

LCD Monthly Paycheck Report

This message is intended for LCD users and is shared via the ABSO Blog instead of Finance Connect Blog because the issue affects mostly AAD.  

Finance is in the midst of cleaning up some LCD funding chartfield issues.  There could be mismatch between the fund and account code on the Monthly Pay Check Report.  Example:

Please note that these discrepancies do not affect the other LCD reports nor the data warehouse and are temporary in nature. Finance expects the clean-up to complete before the end of this fiscal year.

Please contact or if there are any questions.

Summer 2020 Teach Online Professional Development Grant Expenditure Deadline

Please be advised that the Summer 2020 Teach Online Professional Development Grant will expire on May 15, 2021. Travel Reimbursements, Direct Payment, Employee Reimbursement, PO invoices, journal transfers (including HR Expense Adjustment) must be fully approved by that day.  Student Assistant hours must be entered by May 2021.  

Because this program is a part of CARES Act and the funding expires this fiscal year, extension requests will be not accepted.  

To get a list of faculty who have received a Summer 2020 Teach Online Professional Development Grant, please visit the Teach Online College Dashboard.


Reference: Hub > Budget & Finance > Other > CARES

Catering/Food Delivery Restrictions

Per instructions from the CFO and the Provost, departments cannot order catering or food delivery for at-home employees or candidates who are being interviewed virtually.  Reimbursement for expenses of that nature is also not allowed.