ABSO training workshop series – Introduction to Budget Management Starts Tomorrow!

This is your friendly reminder to join ABSO this month for an opportunity to learn the basics of budget management. Our first of three training workshops starts tomorrow Friday, 4/14!

This workshop series offers an overview of the commonly used fund types, expense tracking, and reconciliation.  Come and learn how to track all of your financial details on one spreadsheet!  This workshop series will take place virtually over three days – April 14, 21, and 28 between 10 – 11 am.

All department admins new to Academic Affairs or interested in getting a refresher are encouraged to attend.  Please register if you haven’t yet done so using the link provided below before 4/14.



Deposits made at the Bursar’s Office

This message is for all departments that make deposits at Window 1, in the Bursar’s Office.

Please note that all revenue deposits (cash/checks) collected or received by the department need to be deposited into a revenue account when making deposits at Window 1, in the Bursar’s Office. Deposits posted to non-revenue accounts, such as supplies or salary accounts, create abnormal fund balances for Accounting Services. When this happens, the departments will be asked to reclassify the funds into the appropriate revenue account by filling out an Accounting Journal Upload Template (include a Data Warehouse report as backup documentation), and emailing the template to arbilling-journalrequests@sjsu.edu, with “JE-OTHER: Accounting Upload Template” in the subject line.

To ensure that department deposits are done correctly from the beginning, please use one of the two revenue accounts listed below when filling out the Department Deposit cover page:

580020 – Sales & Serv Educ Activities (use when providing educational activities)
580090 – Revenue Others

If you have questions please contact our office or reach out to Accounting Services.

Vacant Rate Increase

University Vacant Rate is a budgeted salary range for the cost of hiring temporary faculty to cover instruction normally assigned to a tenure track faculty who have been released from instructional assignments.  The current rate of $6,578 for a 3 WTU (or 0.2 FTEF/semester) will increase to $6,838 in light of the recent contractual salary increases effective July 1, 2022.

Please refer to the Provost’s Office website for additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact abso@sjsu.edu.

Enrollment Seat Distribution

Finance has published guidelines on using PaCE for financial expenditures last year.  For those familiar with the existing AAD PaCE Guidelines, the framework of the two guidelines is identical.  Given the similarity in both, AAD will retire its version to avoid confusion.

There are two general rules of thumb when it comes to using PaCE: 

  1. Charge PaCE for direct costs such as instructor salaries and expenses that are solely for self-support programs.
  2. Use the enrollment seat distribution to determine the cost allocation between Op Fund and PaCE for shared/indirect expenses.  

ABSO prepares the Enrollment Seat Distribution report every July to inform the shared cost allocation percentage for the year.  The data is now available on a dashboard in the Hub and is available to all campus users.  


Please note that the information presented on the dashboard is to help departments determine an appropriate split for salary and other shared costs.  To better understand how and when to apply the split, please refer to the PaCE Guidelines and consult with your college dean’s office.

Please contact abso@sjsu.edu if there are any questions.

SJSU Teach Online Certificate Summer 2021 Program

The SJSU Teach Online Certificate Program is returning the second year!  The faculty members who have completed this three-week program will receive a stipend payment. Departments may refer to the Teach Online Payment dashboard to review the list of faculty who joined the program as well as the stipend payment status.  Please note that the option to receive professional development funds in lieu of a stipend is NOT offered this year.

Please also be reminded that the entire payment process, from workload review, ESS/Payroll review, to check issuance, could take as long as four weeks.

Teach Online Payment Dashboard:

Select “Summer 21” from the Session filter:


Path on Hub: Budget & Finance > Start-Up & Professional Development > Teach Online Certificate Program > College/Department Dashboard