The AA Resource Hub now has a new Faculty Start-Up Summary dashboard!

 To help colleges and departments manage their faculty’s start-up funds, ABSO is introducing a new dashboard, where start-up account information can easily be retrieved by DeptID, Department, College, Faculty Name, or Class Code.

What does the new Start-Up Summary dashboard show?

  • General faculty information
  • Original spend deadline date; possible values include:
    • Absolute date = date given in offer letter
    • N/A = not specified.  For more information, consult your Dean’s office. 
    • End of Probation = funds are available until the end of the faculty’s probation period
  • Extended spend deadline date; possible values include:
    • Absolute date = approved extension date 
    • Blank = no request for an extension was submitted, or an extension was not approved
  • Expired/Depleted status – “No” or “Yes”

By design, start-up fund balances are not displayed in this dashboard. To find the balance, use Data Warehouse.

When is the dashboard updated?

  • When new start up accounts are established
  • When the expired status changes from No to Yes

New start-up accounts shown in the dashboard may take an additional day or two to show in Data Warehouse.

How to navigate there:

  1. On the AA Resource Hub, on the top menu bar, select “Budget and Finance”.
  2. Under Faculty Start-Up, select “Faculty Start-Up Expiration Dates”.

Did you know…?

Earlier this week, ABSO announced a new DocuSign template to facilitate the approval process for extending faculty start-up funds.  Please refer to the Faculty Startup page on the Hub for more information. 

For questions about start-up funds, please contact  Connie Kim at  For other questions or issues, please contact

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