CARES Act Round 1 Expenditure Deadlines

For those units that have received CARES Act allocations in the fall, please note the following expenditure deadlines:

All expenses must be reflected as Actuals in the data warehouse by March 31, 2021 in order to qualify.  For those who have open PO’s, please encourage the vendor to invoice as soon as possible. 

Student Assistant
All Student hours must be reported in the system by March 31, 2021.  

Special Consultant
All special consultant payments must be posted and reflected on the April 2021 LCD.  Please work closely with UP to get the payment forms processed in a timely fashion.

Important: Consult with your college as they may have their own internal processes that must first be met.


Reimbursements for qualified expenses will be deposited in Op Fund.

As previously mentioned, departments must apply class code 4738 to all OE&E and payroll transactions related to these CARES Act activities.  Transactions without the proper code will not be considered. 


Please contact if there are any questions.


Reference: Hub > Budget & Finance > Other > CARES

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