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We received a number of letters asking about the spring/summer 2015 edition, which was our first-ever digital-only issue. Thank you for your patience as we tried a new format and adjusted our publication schedule—and thank you for reading Washington Square.

—The WSQ team

Thank you, Steven Millner

I was looking at the SJSU website to decide what major I would take and I saw your picture there (“Getting Educated,” Fall/Winter 2014). I felt so happy to see you there and proud that I had you as my history teacher. Professor Millner, you are one of my inspirations to continue my studies.

—Carolina Avendano

Tau Delta Phi continues

I read Mark Foutch’s letter to the editor with much interest. I was in the class of 1962 and was in TDP for two years before graduation. Our initiation also involved “walking the plank.” I recall that I served as president of TDP in my senior year. After graduation, I went on to law school at Boalt Hall—Berkeley. SJSU prepared me for law school.

—Fred Karlsen, ’62 Political Science

Letters about Tau Delta Phi suggest a history of the Tower Society will have to be assembled from memories of former members.

—Ron Sherriffs, ’34 Speech/Drama, ’57 MA Drama

—Ed. We have enjoyed reading the many letters about Tau Delta Phi. Thanks for sharing!

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