One Washington Square: Illumination

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    Photo: Christina Olivas
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    Photo: Christina Olivas
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    Photo: Muhamed Causevic, '15 BFA Graphic Design
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    Photo: Christina Olivas
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    Photo: Christina Olivas
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    Photo: Michelle Vaquilar, '15 BFA Graphic Design
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    Photo: Michelle Vaquilar, '15 BFA Graphic Design
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    Photo: Michelle Vaquilar, '15 BFA Graphic Design

Walking through the newly renovated Yoshihiro Uchida Hall is a study in old meeting new. Following a yearlong construction project, the building’s signature spiraled turrets are still in place, but a new, glass-front main entrance encases the structure on the west side, bringing the old exterior in.

Shared by the kinesiology, athletics, and health science and recreation departments, Uchida Hall now houses a world-class dojo lit by original floor-to-ceiling windows that finally provides a venue befitting San José State’s premier judo program. It also includes state-of-the-art academic facilities and new locker rooms for men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball and gymnastics—all centered around the heart of the building: the retrofitted gymnasium.

Atop the recently rededicated structure is a second-floor outdoor patio, perfect for taking in a new view of campus.

See more photos of the renovation and read about the YUH rededication.


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