Let the story commence

Illustrations by Kevin Yang

Illustrations by Kevin Yang, ’13 Illustration

Instead of giving in to senioritis, Darren Rae, ’13 RTVF, and Kevin Yang, ’13 Illustration, embarked on a creative process of Spartan proportions. With Rae as film director and Yang as storyboard creator, the pair made a short film that captures the pride and excitement that all SJSU graduates feel before the big day—from the perspective of Sammy Spartan.

Sammy Spartan IllustrationAt commencement later this month, Rae, Yang and about 8,000 other graduates will watch the film on the jumbotron at Spartan Stadium. Sammy, too, will be there in his cap and gown, marching in to “Pomp and Circumstance.”


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on “Let the story commence
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