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Portal & Mobile Initiatives

February 7th, 2014 by Harish Chakravarthy

portal image               portal screen shot




IT Services (ITS) is working with a campus committee to identify and implement Portal & Mobile solutions that aligns with Vision 2017. The goal is to make it easier for SJSU students, faculty and staff to navigate teaching, learning, and administrative tasks. The Portal and Mobile initiatives will provide SJSU with strategic building blocks that support self-service across the SJSU community. More information posted at A&F News for You  newsletter.

Image Galleries, Web Forms, and Polls Now In OU Campus

January 7th, 2014 by Brenden
Screenshot of user interface elements

Examples of the new poll, form, and image gallery functionality


We have recently implemented some new features in OU Campus. Users can now curate their own image galleries, build web forms to collect data from their audience, and post multiple-choice polls to their websites. All of these new features leverage the existing Asset feature of OU Campus to let users quickly and intuitively add new functionality to their current websites.

There have been a few training sessions so far and the next is scheduled for January 22, 2014 (registration is open until January 21). If anyone who wasn’t able to attend one of the earlier classes would like some more information, FAQs and a training manual are available for each of the new features:

If you need assistance with implementing some of these new features sooner than January’s training class, contact and we would be happy to help get you started.

Special Note For OS X Users:

Recent browser security updates have disabled the ability to edit uploaded images from within OU Campus using the Image Editor Java applet. Version 10 of OU Campus (coming in early 2014) will have this feature re-enabled. This does not however affect the ability to add images to an Image Gallery Asset.

Free Adobe Acrobat plug-in converting tagged PDF files into HTML

December 19th, 2013 by Scot Close

pdfGoHTML is a free Acrobat Plug-in converting tagged PDF files into HTML supporting the ISO PDF/UA standard for universally accessible PDF documents and forms. One simple click on the plug-in button converts the tagged PDF into HTML that is opened in the default browser. In the resulting HTML different views can be selected to examine the tagging structure, have an easier reading experience or make the document more easily readable for people with visual disabilities or dyslexia.