Let’s talk about the future

We would like to talk about the future with you, yes that is right you, our beloved followers and stakeholders. We would like to talk about how our project can be improved and how future generations of Project Pisces ideas can benefit the environment and our community. Please share your ideas about future project improvements or new projects all together with us on the comment section below.


Our next and final blog will recap the progress of the team through the academic year as well as the hurdles we overcame and key takeaways from each student. As always you can check out our progress at out github account


Documentation and Delivery

Currently, the team is working on the final stages of the project including documentation and testing. At the moment all of the parts are being tested as individual units, more thorough testing of the entire system will be completed once all of the components are functional.

You can keep track of the documentation and code at the team’s public repository:



Final Touches

The team is currently working hard to add the final touches to the rover

the images below are an example of the final packaging and re-wiring needed to present a working package to our stakeholders

IBM Microscope disassembled and reassembled to fit out rover enclosure:

You can find source code instruction on how to recreate out work and more documentation at the team’s GitHub account


Design Review and Feedback

On October 24th, 2018 the ROV team had its first design. During the review, the team gave a 10-minute presentation of the current design ideas and future goals. The team also answered questions from community members and industry leaders.

During the presentation, we received extremely helpful advice as well as new ideas to try out that the team had never considered before.

Stay posted for more updates that the team is working on, based on the review feedback, to improve our design and give the team a better shot at success.

IBM IoT Workshop at SJSU

During Friday 12, 2018 Tom Zimmerman-master inventor at IBM research-and his team visited the SJSU campus to train the ROV3 team on suing IBM cloud to upload images to the cloud. During the event, the team used Raspberry Pi Zeros to build and deploy IoT applications that will be deployed on the ROV.

Tommaso, an IBM engineer teaching the ROV software team to create IoT applications using IBM cloud.

Additionally, the team used the time available with Zimmerman to discuss the technical challenges of deploying a microscope on the river’s turbulent waters.

ROV’s team lead inspecting fresh water samples.